The Best RA In South Africa

Have you been searching for the Best RA In South Africa that you can get involved in for the great series they offer? If yes, then you can just read through this content will provide the information you need.

Moreover, an individual retirement is open to anybody that wants to save for their retirement later as governed by the pension funds act.

The Best RA In South Africa

Retirement Annuity in simple terms is a tax-effective investment in retirement that is established to help individuals that deem it beneficial and want to save towards their retirement. Well, in South Africa, there are good platforms that offer services of Retirement Annuity that are very beneficial and this content will provide you with other information if you continue reading.

What is RA In South Africa?

RA In South Africa is also called “Retirement Annuity” and is a tax-efficient investment service program where an individual gives to (contribution) or to a pension or provident fund through an employer. Meanwhile, it is governed by the Pension Funds Act while RA is a retirement for an individual fund that is available to people that want to save for their retirement in a manner of tax efficiency.

The Best RA In South Africa
The Best RA In South Africa

Top Best RA In South Africa

Below are some of the top best RA in South Africa that is explained further for your enlightenment and understanding.

Sygnia Skeleton 

Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 70 fund is the other name it is referred to as and it is a multi-asset-class fund that is managed with high exposure to equities to get good long-term returns. Well, it is seen as a medium to high-risk multi-asset class global balanced portfolio that is operated on a passive basis.

However, it has an overall allocation of 70% that is available to South Africans and also global equities as a medium to high-risk profile.

10X Investments 

10X Investments is a platform that offers services in the form of managing your savings together with an award-winning low-cost investment solution that is easy o understand and implement. Moreso, it is also referred to as the 10X Prime High Equity Fund. And offers a low unit trust cost that is okay for investors that deal in long-term options and certainly want to make their exposure known across seral types of asset classes.

Easy Equities

Easy Equities is known for being South Africa’s best investment platform that is of low cost. Meanwhile, it is also regarded as an innovative platform for investments that gives people the opportunity to invest from as little as R5. Going further, due to the service offers that the platform presents, it is easy and definitely affordable to purchase shares in both international and local stock markets.

However, as a beginner, you can consider the platform for it offers an easy and user-friendly platform for investors like new that are new to getting involved in activities of the stock market.

Allan Gray

Well, Allan Gray is known from South Africa as an investment management company that has other offices located in Botswana, Namibia, also Eswatini. Going further, the organization has the main focus and involvement in a range of investment accounts and unit trusts that are good for different financial goals. And also, from saving for longer-term needs and most importantly meeting objectives of shorter terms.


Satrix is also referred to as SatrixNow originally and it is a well-known digital investments platform that makes it very easy to invest and most importantly grow money that will give you the opportunity to confidently live. Going further, there is a possible way that individuals can access their services and it is certainly through creating an account.

Moreover, through the account that you have created, you can easily get access to every range of Satrix ETFs and unit trusts. And also, with a tax-free investment and the most beneficial retirement annuities. They offer long-term retirement savings plans that are suitable and certainly offer exposure that is diversified to all the key local and international asset classes.

Why Should I Consider Investing?

There is actually a need for you to consider investing due to the fact that it might be very beneficial later on. Moreso, even though there have been few improvements in the aspect of statistics, there is a noticeable situation that South Africans are a bit far from a standard that is seen as comfortable when it reaches the aspect of saving. Furthermore, as of now, there are lots of institutions that offer financial services that have reviewed that an estimated six percent of individuals that are South Africans that comfortably retire.

Well, there are lots of people that actually work to retire but at the end of the day they actually don’t settle well and it is very good to consider investing. So, you have to have in mind that is very important and beneficial to look for a registered financial advisor that you are interested in. Which certainly does not take an FSCA agent that is approved to educate you more about the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this section of the content, some of the questions that are been asked frequently about The Best RA In South Africa for you to get more understanding of the content.

Is a retirement annuity worth it in South Africa?

Well, retirement annuities are worth it in South Africa and they are by far the most tax-efficient investment you can make. However, the growth in your RA is 100% tax-free aside from the fact that you are allowed to deduct your contributions to your RA from your annual taxable income.

What are the best-rated annuity companies of 2022?

Below are the best annuity rates for 2022.

  • Fidelity.
  • Allianz.
  • New York Life.
  • USAA.
  • MassMutual.
  • American National.

Which annuity is the safest?

Fixed Annuities are the safest and are considered as the least risky annuity product out there. Fixed Annuities are one of the safest investment vehicles in a retirement portfolio.

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